Twitch Hack — The Latest Devastating Data Leak

At the end of September we reported on the increasingly frequent phenomenon of damaging data leak hitting the headlines — and the danger they pose to citizens affected. Now, another huge one has occurred, this time targeting the Amazon-owned streaming company, Twitch.

Source: BleepingComputer

Yesterday (6th October), an anonymous hacker released a huge cache of propriety data, totaling 125GB of data and including a Twitch payout list. As seen above, the hacker posted on 4chan: “Jeff Bezos paid $970 million for this, we’re giving it away FOR FREE.” Interestingly, the leaks are labelled “part one” — meaning there may be more to come. Twitch confirmed the hack later in the day.

Source: BleepingComputer

The data includes: 

  • Twitch’s source code (which can be used to further penetrate its systems);
  • information on Twitch’s mobile, desktop, and game console clients;
  • information on Amazon-owned properties including Vapor;
  • internal security tools;
  • and information on streamers’ revenues, including figures for the highest earners — among them CriticalRoleCanadian xQC, and American Summit1g.

The leak does not appear to contain streamers’ or users’ personal information, but the damage appears extensive and has sent users reeling. Twitch has instructed users to secure financial information, and of course, change their password. It is another reminder of the dire need for serious protection of our online data.

Trend Micro ID Security 

As we stated in our September data leak article, Trend Micro, a leading cybersecurity company, have an app specifically designed to meet the challenges that data leaks bring. 

Available on Android and iOS, ID Security scours the dark web for any mention of your data (email address, passwords, codes etc.) in the event of it being sold or maliciously shared by cybercriminals. Its key features include: 

  • Dark Web Personal Data Manager: Scours the dark web for data such as bank account numbers, driver’s license numbers, passport numbers, and social security numbers.
  • Credit Card Checker: Find out if someone has acquired your credit card number and put it on the dark web.
  • Email Checker: Find out if any of your email addresses have been leaked to the dark web. You’ll be notified which exact account it is — so you can take the appropriate counter-measures.
  • Password Checker: ID Security will notify you if you’re using a password currently in circulation on the dark web.
  • Social Media Account Checker: Find out if your Facebook and Twitter Account have been leaked and shared on the dark web.
  • A Comprehensive Monitoring Report

Simple, efficient and easy-to-use, follow this link or scan the QR code below to try the free 30-day trial version today!

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