Top Internet Slang That Parents Should Know 2021

Parents are often left bemused & confused by internet slang: that’s why we thought we’d put together a quick list of the top 25 internet slang words in use. They’re in no particular order; some are new, some are old; some are funny but there’s a few that the discerning parent should really keep an eye out for.

1. 420— Marijuana reference

2. ASL— Age / Sex / Location

3. BFF— Best friend/s forever

4. BRB— Be right back

5. BTW— By the way

6. CD9— Code 9, short for parent/s nearby

7. DTF— Down to f*ck

8. FINSTA— Second, secret Instagram account

9. FOMO— Fear Of Missing Out

10. IDK— I don’t know

11. IMO— In my opinion

12. IYKYK— If You Know You Know (had to be there)

13. JK— Just kidding / joke

14. KMS— Kill myself (KYS is yourself)

15. LMAO— Laughing my a** off

16. LMIRL— Let’s meet in real life

17. Netflix and Chill— Euphemism for hooking-up 

18. NM— Not much or never mind

19. NP— No problem

20. ROFL— Rolling on the floor laughing

21. SMH— Shaking my head (disapproving)

22. TBH— To be honest

23. TDTM— Talk dirty to me

24. Turnt— Under the influence of alcohol or drugs

25. WTF— What the f*ck

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