It All Ads Up – Ad blockers Explained

Ad Blockers

Our online lives take up lots of our time nowadays, the majority of that time spent visiting websites and browsing their pages. It’s certainly far from uncommon to stumble upon ads while you’re surfing, too.

Ads promote items and services, and the ads you see are often based on your previous online activity – something many people consider rather intrusive. Some ads are big and some are small, some even suddenly appear as pop-ups or notifications.

Websites use ads to earn money so they can maintain their pages. They also use ads to promote other sites or articles and boost user traffic.

Sometimes you can benefit from ads. However, most of the time they are annoying and troublesome as they can distract you from reading the actual content of the website.

With their rampant increase, most of us try to find ways to prevent seeing them in our web browsers. Ad blockers are excellent for stopping ads from appearing.

Here are some things ad blockers do to improve your online browsing experience:

  • Make websites load faster and quicker
  • Keep advertisers from tracking your online searches
  • Eliminate annoying ads
  • Reduce battery and bandwidth usage
  • Protect from possible malware ads

Yet, some sites can detect the use of an ad blocker and will notify you to unblock ads on their pages before you can view them. It is your decision if you want to unblock the ads or leave the website to avoid seeing the ads.