Discord Scams: Discord Nitro, Bitcoin Giveaways, and Free Game Skin Scams!

Scammers are on Discord now! And they’ve come up with several creative methods of sending malicious links to people via direct messages, all to try to trick them into giving up their personal information. Here are some examples!

1. Discord Nitro Scams

If you receive messages on Discord from people saying they are giving out spare Discord Nitro (Discord’s premium service) seats, watch out because it’s a scam! Recently we found scammers sending phishing links to people on Discord, luring them into clicking on the links to get Discord Nitro for free:

Source: Reddit

The phishing links will lead you to a fake Discord login page. If you try to log in there, scammers can record all your login credentials and take control over your Discord account!

A Fake Discord login page.
Source: Reddit

2. Game Skin Giveaway Scams

Scammers also falsely claim that they are giving away skins for popular online games such as CS:GO. Theyinstruct you to claim your prize by visiting the link they provide, signing up on the fake site, and entering a set of promo codes.

Fake Giveaway Scam on Discord.
Source: Reddit

Note: although the email address support@vloot.io seems legitimate, this is still a scam.

Once you click on the link, it leads you to a fake game website, where you’re asked to enter login credentials and credit card information or banking details:

A fake CSGO website.

Bitcoin Giveaway Scams

Besides free game skins, scammers also use cryptocurrency giveaways as a way to try to exploit you. Impersonating legitimate companies such as KFC, scammers claim that there is a bitcoin giveaway campaign and that you’ve been selected as a lucky winner. Then they prompt you to click on the attachedlink to claim your reward. Again, the link is a phishing link that steals your personal information!

Here are some examples:

Bitcoin Giveaway Scams on Discord.
Source: Reddit

Bitcoin Giveaway Scams on Discord. Source: Reddit

Bitcoin Giveaway Scams on Discord.
Source: Reddit

Safety Tips

  • Ignore random messages on Discord that promise free rewards.
  • Delete any texts or emails claiming that you can get free gifts via unknown links.
  • Report suspicious messages to Discord officials to help more people out.
  • Check if links are safe before you click. Go to the ScamAdviser homepage and enter the web address/link you want to check:

Alternatively, use Trend Micro Check to spot scams with ease:

1. Send links or screenshots of suspicious content directly to Trend Micro Check on WhatsApp or Messenger for immediate scam detection.

2. Trend Micro Check also provides free bulletproof on-the-go protection against scams as a browser extension — detecting and blocking dangerous websites automatically (available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari).

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